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Festival & Trade show booth marketing using online events

May 31, 2011



Trade show booth marketing is big business

The real reach of events is over three times more than the actual attendance. How is this possible? Word of Mouth. – Event Marketing Institute

Word of mouth is by far the most potent form of marketing, reports say- and this is easy to see from our own experience too. When someone recommends a product or experience, we are 70% more likely to follow through. The most valuable information is, who is the person spreading the word the most, and what’s the best way to get them to keep sharing for you?

Aurora Exhibits recently approached us to ask for help finding their top influencers by posting smaller events within the trade show, and to help their clients with trade show booth marketing ideas. There are many strategies for maximizing your booth setup, but you can also set up events beforehand to help with trade show booth marketing and invite people they’d like to connect with at the event. They can then offer their giveaways to the Top Ambassador using the Social Rewards program. By creating events before the trade show and connecting with people before they ever get there, they can make the most of the time, money and effort put into their booths and tables.

Some offers are for the usual prizes offered for trade show booth marketing such as iPads or other devices and goodies, but some creative booths are using the events as a coupon to encourage people to redeem them. This not only collects the information they want about their potential clients, but also gives an additional, filtered list of people that are more motivated – the people who actually redeemed them. It’s important to use the check-in process for this additional list to be accurate.

Does this strategy work?

Case Study: Columbus Asian Festival 2011

The Asian Festival also decided to try this by offering a $1 off coupon for ice cream. Not only did this have a clear incentive for the guest that is relevant to the event, but the business received the information they needed – email addresses of motivated consumers and brand awareness.

Although this was posted less than 48 hours before the event, the festival planners were able to get 32 people to sign up for the coupon and present it at the booth mainly using Twitter. It’s possible to track efforts like this somewhat through apps like Twitter, but there is a lot of dependence on people remembering hashtags and account names, plus the additional word of tracking the information manually. Small business owners and event planners just don’t have the time.

When you’re planning an event and trying to get the word out, remember: you can’t market without the goodwill of your guests, and knowledge is power. Use eEvent to give you the power of word of mouth.

Check out the Learning Center for more information on making a viral event!

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