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Get your guests to share and attend events

Make better use of your guest list.

You’ve got the list of names, and maybe some email addresses too. Perhaps a company name and title, too. But do you really know your guests? Do they really feel connected enough with you to show up? Buying a ticket doesn’t mean that they’ll actually share and attend events!

Here are some ideas we used on eEvent to refine your guest list and find out who is really active, interested and qualified.
  1. Friend them on eEvent. Seems simple enough, but guests who take the time to create profiles and link their social media accounts are already people who are raising their hands and wanting to be noticed.
  2. Go where their profiles lead you. Create a custom share message and send it to them on their preferred site: LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. They will appreciate being personally connected with you and the recognition you offer by addressing them one at a time. Relationships are the way to get people to show up!
  3. Set a Social Reward. Find a relevant and valuable way to appreciate your guests who get others to sign up, then post it above your event’s Top Ambassador leaderboard. Include the info in your promotions and tweets.

Interested in more tips to maximize attendance? Watch the eEvent webinar replay on Console Call!

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