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New Albany Classic SOLD OUT event with eEvent

September 27, 2011



Yesterday was a wonderful validation for eEvent’s online marketing tools and all of the hard work we’ve put into our streamlined checkin process.

For the last 14 years, The New Albany Classic has been raising money for the Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence with their combination carnival, concert and equestrian show. It takes place on the beautiful Wexner estate in New Albany, Ohio, and is definitely a step above any other event of this type we’ve been to. They have top-notch bands, like Big Time Rush and New Hollow, and Olympian-level equestrians, to sweeten the deal.

All in all, this event has every ingredient to create a super-engaged community around it, and they showed up in droves after having sold out of tickets four days before. We stood by with a legion of volunteers, ready to help the check-in crew… and it was never needed. At peak times, when 1900 people scanned their tickets in under 30 minutes, there was not even the beginning of a line forming.

A beautiful day, a wonderful cause, a sold out event and a fantastic validation for eEvent!


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