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How to Check-in at your eEvent

It’s the day of your event and you’ve got your laptop ready. You may even have a scanner ready. How do you check people in?

  1. Sign into eEvent. If you set it up under an organization, the members can sign in under their own account. If not, you will have to sign into your personal eEvent account on all machines. There’s no problem with being logged into multiple machines.
  2. Go to the “Manage Event” screen of your event and look for the new entry in the menu, called “Check-In Kiosk”. If you’d like to see it and practice before the event, just go to your public event page and add “/checkin” to the end of the url. You will be able to check people in for practice. Don’t worry – you can check them back out again. More on that in a bit.
  3. Make sure that the cursor is on the field in the middle of the kiosk screen. The cursor automatically places itself in the field when the page loads and after each check-in, but sometimes the check-in person clicks off the screen for some reason. In our experience, this is the most common reason for check-in errors.
  4. Go ahead and enter in a registered guest or scan someone for practice. Since we store everything in the Cloud, the information automatically syncs to all logged machines. This prevents someone from copying tickets and trying to check-in multiple times.
  5. Troubleshooting: Go to the “Manage Attendees” screen. Above the list there is a search field. As you type, it will automatically sort the list- you don’t even have to press enter. When you find the entry you’re looking for, use the drop-menu on the far right to select the action you want to take. If you go back to the check-in kiosk after using the manage attendees screen, remember to click on the data field in the middle of the page!
  • Checked-in guests appear as dark green. Guests who haven’t paid appear in orange.
  • Any single field of the registered guest will pull up their entry. For example, if you have four Jon Smiths in your list, use the email address.
  • For live reports on attendance and check-in, check “Charts and Reports” in the Manage Event screen.
  • Do download the full report of all attendees, emails, tickets, status, and registration questions, go to the “Extended Attendees Report” in the Manage Event screen. Select your data fields and download the report, which comes in .CSV/Excel fomat.
  • Using the most unusual part of the name will pull up the correct entry fastest. Just make sure the spelling is correct.
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