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Using social media to build strong professional relationships

June 2, 2011


Mike McCurry

Mike McCurry, the author of the popular blog McCurry’s Corner and a long-time event planning industry professional and technology advocate, gives us some insight on the value of building professional relationships online. Don’t believe social media can forge strong professional relationships? Experienced event industry pro Mike McCurry began experimenting with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook just [...]

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Trade Show management secrets every event planner should know

May 11, 2011



A Guest Post on Trade Show management By Traci Browne, Owner of Red Cedar Marketing and Partner for Live Well Expos I’ve worked in the trade show business for about 15 years exhibiting, consulting for and coaching exhibitors on their trade show management strategy and even coaching show producers on their sponsorship packages. In 2008 [...]

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Bring out the creativity of your guests with this digital painting app

May 5, 2011

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Bring out the creativity of your guests! Beth and TJ Watson created Pixal Paint which had versatility for many kinds of crowds and tastes.

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Social Media use at the NSA Annual Convention

April 13, 2011



“I’m always impressed by events organized by the National Speakers Association (NSA) in the US – around 1,500 people communicating constantly via mobile and web, as well as watching colleagues on stage in Orlando, Florida last year,” he adds. “A lot of the event could be followed simply by having a mobile phone. Smartphones are especially useful within large events,” he explains, “ for networking and navigating [and] for alerting delegates to special happenings.”

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Successful career change launched at ‘Unconference’

April 7, 2011



Adrian Segar, Director of Eventcamps and author of Conferences That Work, focuses on making connections at business events. “Connections turn into more business value than just learning a piece of information to apply,” Adrian says. “They can always watch someone talk on video. Why would they want to just watch someone talk if they can’t [...]

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When #Byzhub hit trending topics on Twitter

March 30, 2011


Raj Thandhi

Raj Thandhi of Kamikaze PR & Media knows that online presence online is necessary to run a PR business, or any business. So I was delighted with the opportunity to talk with her recently about one of her truly engaging events. One of Kamikaze’s clients is Byzhub, a client that holds a monthly meetup and annual anniversary meetup [...]

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