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Connect and promote online in 3 steps

You might have your own system for prioritizing tasks in preparing for a new event- perhaps first the topic, then the date, lastly the venue and it’s time to talk to the printers. Preparing to promote online is mostly emotional – how to get started?

The advantage of using eEvent is that once you have the basic details down, you can set up your online efforts within minutes and let your e-communications gain steam while you take care of your traditional promotional efforts.

Try these tips to maximize your event’s potential:

    • Use the Twitter and Facebook connections right away!

      Once your event is published, you’ll see a page that looks like this:

      Go ahead and invite the people in your email contacts that you’d like to come to the event.

      • Instantly create a Facebook event using the link in the left sidebar, under Marketing and Promotions. The Facebook event will link back to your eEvent page and contain the details you provided on eEvent with no effort on your part. Click on Visit Facebook to see the event on Facebook. You’ll need to have your eEvent profile connected to your Facebook account for this feature to work. Tag your organization’s Facebook page
      • Visit your eEvent page. When you open the page from your profile, you’ll be automatically registered as a guest. You’ll see this pop-out screen:

      Use all of the share options eEvent offers right away, and you’re done!

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