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Facebook Send button and Facebook app on eEvent

June 28, 2011



Easy crowdsource promotions eEvent was one of the first 100,000 sites to implement the Facebook Send button. Using this, your guests can help get the word out about your events even easier by tagging people and sending them a message on Facebook instead of having to post events directly to their walls. This lets them [...]

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Using social media to build strong professional relationships

June 2, 2011


Mike McCurry

Mike McCurry, the author of the popular blog McCurry’s Corner and a long-time event planning industry professional and technology advocate, gives us some insight on the value of building professional relationships online. Don’t believe social media can forge strong professional relationships? Experienced event industry pro Mike McCurry began experimenting with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook just [...]

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Coloci App helps you find people offline

March 18, 2011



Anurag doesn’t like missed opportunities. “I wanted to move online relationships offline easily,” Anurag says. “Coloci lets you know who will be near you at your locations so you can meet face to face. You add your future plans, big or small, and share them on your social network, which is how it got the nickname ‘Foursquare of the future’.”

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eEvent at LAUNCH 2011 and in the press

February 25, 2011


VentureBeat Coverage

Update about eEvent’s LAUNCH presentation and upcoming events

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3 Steps to using Twitter Hashtags at Events

February 16, 2011



Expert advice on twitter engagement at events from Cindy Lo, owner of Red Velvet Events

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eEvent news from Jakarta to Columbus

January 17, 2011



With new events popping up daily across the globe, eEvent is growing exponentially! Here’s a look at a few of the eEvents in Columbus and Jakarta.

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